Rings are chunky and wide. Necklaces are layered, wrapped or tiered. Bracelets are bigger than ever and cuffs are back. Earrings dangle almost to the shoulder. And some of the newest pendants begin at the neckline and end in the cleavage! This is not a time for conservative jewels.

As always, the world's fashion leaders set the pace with fall runway shows focusing on pattern and color. Can fabulous jewelry be far behind? Not this season. Let's start with the basics: colored diamonds in every shape and size, from fancy yellow, chocolate, cognac, champagne and black diamonds, to pastel tints of pink, blue and green. This year, diamond jewelry is right for every budget, from large solitaires to shimmering accents of pavé.

Another important stone is corundum. Corundum? Yes, it's the mineral term for ruby and sapphire, two of the world's most desired gems. Did you know that corundum comes in an entire rainbow of colors? When it is red, it's called a ruby; any other color and it's a sapphire. Fancy colored sapphires in mouthwatering shades of pink and yellow, icy blues and lavenders star in the season's hottest designs.

Do you love the richness of green? Once again, green is a very important color, from electrically charged peridot and tsavorite to cooler emerald and chrome tourmaline. Jewelry forecasters tell us the warm tones of citrine, amber, mandarin garnet and coral are the best colors to enhance the fall's browns, ochres, mahoganies and forest greens.