City of Gold Attempts to Make the World’s Longest 22K Chain; Bling Could Stretch 3.1 Miles and Weigh 364 Pounds

As part of the Dubai Shopping Festival's 20th anniversary jubilee, the City of Gold is looking to break its own Guinness World Record by handcrafting the world’s longest 22-karat gold chain. If successful, the "Dubai Celebration Chain" will stretch at least 3.1 miles (5km) and weigh 397 pounds (180kg).

The length of the chain is equivalent to more than 11 times the height of the Empire State Building, or 2.5 times the distance of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. The current record holder — a chain that snaked 4.1km — has owned the title since 1999.

Twenty-two-karat gold is 91.7% pure, so the gold value of the chain (364 pounds of pure gold at yesterday’s spot price of $1,215 per ounce) is $7.08 million.

According to Gulf News, the manufacturing process, which is being coordinated by the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group, should take a month to complete and will require the skills of 70 artisans working 10-hour days.

Once created and certified by Guinness authorities, the mammoth chain will go on display at Dubai's Gold Souk (gold market) during the first week of January as part of the month-long festivities that will run through February 1, 2015. The chain display will be 200 meters long and will take six hours to assemble.

Those looking to own a piece of history are encouraged to “book” a portion of the chain, with sizes varying from bracelet lengths to necklace lengths. Every length of chain will include an end link etched with the phrase, “Year 2015.” The chains will be delivered in special packaging with a certificate.

If demand is strong, the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group may extend the length of the chain from 5km to 8km (4.97 miles).


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