Game-Show Contestant Accepts Surprise Marriage Proposal and Wins the Big Showcase on ‘The Price Is Right’

January 15th, 2014

Friday will be remembered as “The Best Day Ever” by Morgan Welge of Elk Grove, Calif. Not only did she win $35,957 worth of prizes on The Price Is Right, but she also accepted a surprise on-stage marriage proposal in front of an ecstatic studio audience, a stunned Drew Carey and five million CBS viewers.

Welge, a 25-year-old English teacher, had just spun a “90” on the Big Wheel — qualifying her for the final Showcase — when boyfriend, Nicholas Parker, joined her on the stage with a diamond engagement ring in hand.

“Baby, I just want to say you already make me feel like the most lucky man in the world,” Nicholas said as he went down on one knee. “I would be honored if you would have me as your husband.”

The stunned Welge nodded “Yes” and the studio audience went berserk. The couple embraced and all the host could say was, “Wow… wow… wow. That was amazing. Way to go, Morgan. Congratulations.”

But there was more to come.

In the final Showcase round, the contestant who guesses the retail value of the prizes without going over is the winner.

Welge bid $26,400 on a package that included pearl jewelry, a trip to Bora
Bora and a Jeep Patriot SUV. The actual retail price of the package was $28,607, a difference of only $2,207.

“You are on your way to Bora Bora!” Carey said as Felix Mendelssohn’s famous “Wedding March” played in the background. “Unstoppable today. How do you top a day like that.”

Welge ran over to the part of the set where her new Jeep was displayed and jumped into the arms of her new fiancé. Then she showed off her engagement ring to one of The Price Is Right models, who was obviously impressed.

Carey summarized this very special day on his top-rated Emmy Award-winning show: “She comes on The Price Is Right, wins a pricing game, gets a big number on the wheel, gets engaged and wins the showcase. An unforgettable day for Morgan.”

After the taping, Welge clung to her fiancé as she told the show’s producers how she felt at that very moment. “I can’t believe this just happened,” she said. “I’m just so blown away. I am so happy. I’m shocked. I got a new car. I got everything. It’s just so amazing. Thank you so much.”

See highlights from the show in the video below...

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