Neon-Green Tsavorite and Blue Sapphires Add Special Touch to Seattle Seahawks’ Diamond-Emblazoned Super Bowl Rings

June 23rd, 2014


The Seattle Seahawks utilized neon-green tsavorite and blue sapphires to represent their team colors in the fabulous Super Bowl rings awarded to the world champions on Thursday night.

The team clearly spared no expense when it came to designing the elaborate, diamond-emblazoned rings that would commemorate its dominating 2013-2014 season — a season that culminated in a blowout 43-8 win over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

The most prominent design feature of the 14-karat white gold ring is a Seahawks logo rendered in 65 round brilliant diamonds punctuated by a neon-green tsavorite “eye.” The logo lies against a sparkling background of 87 pavé-set diamonds and one larger marquise-shaped diamond that represents the Lombardi Trophy football.

Forty round blue sapphires encircle the ring in a channel setting. The pattern is interrupted in one place by a "12" flag, a symbol of the team's fans, who have been credited with being the 12th man on the field. The ring's bezel, which is inscribed with the phrase “WORLD CHAMPIONS,” is accented with 12 round diamond, six on each side.

The Seahawks received their rings during a private ceremony in downtown Seattle after their final day of mini-camp on Thursday. The event included a performance by Usher, who posed with Russell Wilson in the quarterback's tweet showing off his new Super Bowl bling.

Tiffany designed the Super Bowl ring after consulting with the Seahawks’ top management, including owner Paul G. Allen and head coach Pete Carroll.

One side of the shank details the player's name and number, season record of 16-3, and Mount Rainier with the 12th man flag waving over the Seahawks’ stadium.

The opposite shank features the Seahawks team name, NFL shield, Seattle skyline, Super Bowl XLVIII logo and the Vince Lombardi trophy set with a marquise-shaped diamond.

The bottom of the band is notched with 12 feathers, a nod to the markings on the team uniforms.

The inside of the ring is inscribed with the slogan “Leave No Doubt 24/7,” representing the message printed on the team’s T-shirts during its march through the playoffs; SEA 43 DEN 8, the final score of the Super Bowl; and What’s Next, a hint as to what the team may deliver during the 2014-2015 season.

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