We pride ourselves on always doing what's best for the client and giving solid advice, we live by the philosophy "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Something to consider before making the decision to polish a piece of jewelry is that a thin layer of material is removed.

How polishing works is an abrasive is used to smooth down a layer of gold to the same level as the scratches, this evenness is what makes your jewelry look beautiful and super reflective. Although polishing jewelry once in a while doesn't make much of a difference, over polishing jewelry can wear out the already small parts that you may not be aware of, such as the prongs that hold stones in place.

How often should you be polishing your jewelry? No more than once or twice a year and only if the scratches or blemishes are really bad. This number varies person to person but it's a good rule of thumb. When you bring your jewelry to AJ's to get polished, we examine everything to see if any stones are at risk of falling, we'll even strong recommend against a polishing if in our professional opinion it's best to wait.


What can you polish?

We mostly have rings come in to get polished as this is what people are generally scratching up on a daily bases as they use their hands for everything.

  • Engagement Ring Polishing
  • Wedding Band Polishing
  • Watch Band Polishing
  • Bracelet Polishing
  • Chain Polishing
  • Silver Polishing
  • Gold Polishing
  • Stainless Steel Polishing

How do you polish jewelry?

We use a polishing wheel to restore a reflective polish on your jewelry, then if your jewelry is white gold, we add a plating of rhodium to make your gold look the way it did when you bought it at the jewelry store. Without this plating of rhodium, your jewelry will have a tint of yellow.

How much do you charge to polish jewelry?

The price is determined by the amount of labor that has to go into restoring the high polished finished, because of this each job is priced out differently.

General Prices

Polishing starts at $20 and goes up depending on the complexity of the jewelry, how much surface area has to get polished, if the jewelry has to get plated with rhodium, etc. Bring in your jewelry for a Free polishing quote.


Sterling Silver Wedding Band Polishing
Jewelry Polishing
Watch Band Polishing
Watch Band Polishing