At AJ's jewelry, we recognize the fear people have when giving a jewelry store one of their most prized possessions to do work on, that's why our jewelry repair shop is enclosed in glass. You will be able to see our master jeweler repair your jewelry while you watch. For over 30 years we've built a strong reputation for being an ethical jeweler that really cares and does what's best for the client. On occasion, we will invite clients to sit next to the jeweler while the stone is set if that puts the clients mind at ease. We or the jeweler have nothing to hide, that’s why our repair shop is enlosed glass.

Jewelers Work Station

Lets touch base on ring sizing for a moment. Most rings have no problem getting sized up, it's when they must be sized down that you need an expert at AJ's jewelry to guide you on your options. When a ring gets sized down, the prongs that hold stones in place are slightly moved apart, to help visualize this, we made an illustration below.

Prongs Before and After

The rings most at risk of having stones falling out are rings with stones on the sides. When a ring is sized down we must cut the bottom of the ring in order to make it smaller. When doing this the prongs on the sides of the ring spread apart when going down two or more sizes. At AJ's, not only do we do an undetectable job, we also tighten the prongs that have opened up and leave it in an ultrasonic cleaner as a quality control measure. The ultra sonic machine shakes the jewelry and cleans it at the same time. If there is a loose stone in the ring it will fall out in the machine and be reset before giving it to the client.

Sizing Alternatives

Due to the way some rings are manufactured, we may recommend one of the following options

Ring Guard

A ring guard is an inexpensive option that takes less than 5 minutes to install on your ring. It's a curved metal gold filled bar that get wrapped around the bottom of your ring. We don't suggest this for long term use, only temporary because ring guards do break and can get uncomfortable to those allergic to certain metals. The pro's of having a ring guard are they're totally adjustable and allow you to wear the ring immediately. if your ring is too big you can just push your ring guard up to make it tighter and vice versa.

Ring Guard Icon

Sizing Beads

Sizing beads are a better option for those looking for a permanent solution for a ring that can not be sized or is top heavy and turns from side to side while you are wearing it. These gold beads are made of the same metal as the ring and vary in size depending on how big the ring is. These balls can get expensive because most of the time they're solid balls of gold or platinum. They're noticeably more comfortable than a ring guard and can always be polished down or removed if your finger size gets bigger. These balls also have the added benefit of adding weight to the bottom of the ring to ensure a top heavy ring always stays up, not sideways.

Sizing Beads

General Prices

Ring Guards start at $8.50

Ring Sizing's start at $15 for silver and $35 for gold

Sizing Beads start at $150