32 Diamonds and 16 Rubies Bedazzle $4.6 Million Christmas Wreath


December 11th, 2013
Here’s a chance to be the first on your block to own the world’s most blinged-out Christmas wreath — a $4.6 million marvel featuring Finnish flora and fine gemstones totaling 138.83 carats. The flowers may last up to 12 days, but the gems will last forever.

Set amidst the Helleborus flowerheads, deep blue Hedera berries, hand-curled eucalyptus leaves, laurus, lingonberry and blueberry stems are 32 diamonds and 16 rubies.

One of the Helleborus flower heads cradles 22 loose diamonds and another flower cushions a 3.03-carat fancy yellow diamond. The largest gem in the arrangement is a 17.49-carat ruby, according to luxurytrump.com.

Offered by VeryFirstTo.com, a website dedicated to newly launched luxury products, the Christmas wreath by Finnish floral designer Pasi Jokinen-Carter is being billed as the priciest ever designed.

“I am passionate about my craft and this recent invitation to create an exclusive wreath, using natural materials and diamonds, has been an exciting and exceptional project,” Jokinen-Carter told luxurytrump.com. In fact, most of the flowers and greenery is sourced from the florist’s home in Finland.

The wreath takes about a week to create at Jokinen-Carter’s shop, Flor Unikon Flowers, in the U.K. After the holidays, the gemstones may be easily extracted from the arrangement so they can find their way into a more permanent fine jewelry design or perhaps they'll adorn next year’s wreath.

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