Pearl restringing is one of the services we offer at AJ's Jewelry. Unfortunately, normal wear and tear, exposure to salt water, chlorine from the pool, perfumes, sleeping with your necklace on and hair spray eat away and weaken the string holding the pearls together. When your pearl necklace snaps that is when you know its time to get your pearl necklace restrung at AJ's Jewelry. Our pearl restringing expert ties a knot in between each pearl to ensure they stay in place and minimize loss when your necklace breaks. Our restringing experts do not only work on pearls, we've had work done to jewelry such as amber, precious gemstones, glass, wood, metal, and various other materials.

General Prices

Pearl restringing starts at $60 and goes up depending on factors such as the number of pearls and length of the chain. Come to AJ's in Ridgewood Queens for your free pearl restringing estimate.