Custom Coke Bottles Spell Out Sweet Marriage Proposal; Scotsman Spends $20, Gets the Girl and Earns One Million ‘Likes’

With six personalized bottles purchased from Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” online shop, Scotsman Donnie McGilvray spelled out a sweet marriage proposal for his girlfriend, Eloise. The romantic young man lined up the bottles shoulder to shoulder across the top shelf of his immaculate refrigerator. They read: “Beautiful” “Eloise” “Will” “You” “Marry” “Me.”

On the middle shelf he placed a bouquet of roses and a Coke glass containing the engagement ring (Who needs a ring box?).

McGilvray posted a photo of his presentation along with this explanation of how the surprise marriage proposal went down on Coca-Cola's Facebook page: “I asked my girlfriend, Eloise, to put the milk away in the fridge and this is what she saw. The ‘ice’ was in the glass. Thanks Coca-Cola for all the help… she said yes!!!”

McGilvray’s post was a viral sensation. His creativity earned him more than one million “Likes” in the first 48 hours and sparked worldwide media coverage. The post currently has more than 53,000 “Shares.”

It also quickly caught the attention of Coca-Cola’s social media specialists, who customized two additional “Share a Coke” bottles — with the names Eloise and Donnie — and posted a congratulatory message featuring two bottles that are clearly in love.

Coca-Cola told BuzzFeed: “All of us at Coca-Cola would like to extend our huge congratulations to Donnie and Eloise on their engagement. We were thrilled to see that Donnie used our personalized iconic glass bottles in such a special and romantic way. That is exactly what Share a Coke is all about: Creating moments of happiness with the people closest to you. We hope they share a very happy life together and will be sending them some special congratulatory bottles to celebrate.”

McGilvray, who is a native of Tain in the Highland area of Scotland, used Coca-Cola’s label customization tool to pick the proposal phrase from 1,000-plus popular names and words in the Coke database. Check it out at this link…

The cost for each 200ml bottle was about $3.30, so the total expenditure for the six-bottle message was a scant $19.80 (plus tax). Shipping was free on orders of six or more bottles.

Sadly for romantics on this side of the pond, the customized Coke bottles are currently available only in the U.K. The U.S. audience has to settle for the “virtual” version of the program, where users can customize two-dimensional Coke bottles for their friends and loved ones, and then “share” them on Facebook or Twitter. See link here…

Soft drink lovers around the world currently consume more than 1.8 billion servings of Coca-Cola brand beverages each day. The Coca-Cola Facebook page has been “Liked” by more than 87 million fans.

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