‘Dawn of the Dead’ Marriage Proposal Features 50 Zombies and a Black-Diamond-and-Skull Engagement Ring

June 4th, 2014


When your boyfriend’s idea of a romantic marriage proposal looks like a scene from Dawn of the Dead, it’s only fitting that the engagement ring would feature a large black diamond surrounded by four white gold skulls.

Last month, Claire Hulse and Brian Tollady were taking a romantic walk on the Albert Dock in Liverpool, England, when 50 horrifying “zombies” started appearing from all angles. The couple fled with the zombies in hot pursuit.

When the couple managed to escape the blood-thirsty walking dead, Tollady went down on bended knee and proposed to Hulse, saying, “I want to be with you in a zombie apocalypse.”

He presented her with an unusual black diamond engagement ring with a creepy skull motif. The white gold ring is similar to the one famously received a few years ago by tattoo artist Kat Von D.

The zombie-loving Hulse said, “Yes.”

Hulse, whose favorite movies are Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later, told The Daily Mirror that she “was a bit freaked out and confused by what was happening. I did really wonder what was going on.”

But, in retrospect, the 34-year-old Hulse was really impressed by it all. “For our first date, we went to see Underworld, which is a film about vampires,” she said.

How did the 33-year-old Tollady arrange for the zombie apocalypse? He enlisted the help of Bristol-based Zombie Business, a company that provides zombies for movies, promotions and special events. Also participating in the gruesome, but romantic, affair were friends of the couple and associates from work.

Although the couple didn’t provide a photo of their ring, the description aligns perfectly with the one conceived by Canadian DJ and music producer Deadmau5 for Kat Von D. Handcrafted by The Great Frog London, it featured a large round black diamond center stone, flanked on each side by two skulls. Smaller black diamonds accented the band. Von D received the engagement ring two days before Christmas in 2012.

Zombie photos: Ian Hewitt / Wise Owl Imagery / Liverpool Echo

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