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Ridgewood Jeweler and Brooklyn Artist Raise Funds
For Families Affected by Hurricane Maria



Ridgewood, NY — Ridgewood jeweler Jordan Eddi collaborated with Brooklyn artist Paul Calabrese to create a vibrant custom T-shirt to help raise funds for families devastated by Hurricane Maria. All funds will go directly to families impacted by the storm. The custom shirts will be sold for $20 each. The goal is to raise a minimum of $20,000. To order, please visit AJSJEWELERS.com “We would like to donate all funds raised to one or two of our customers’ families that were affected by the storm, says Jordan Eddi, owner of AJ’s Jewelry in Ridgewood, NY. “If we disperse the funds this way, we can make a real difference in people’s lives and track their progress during the rebuilding phase. According to Eddi, there is a long list of candidates in dire need of disaster relief. “Puerto Rico has a special place in my heart,” he says. “Many of my clients are Puerto Rican, and they gave me my start in this community. Every day we would have clients come into the store and tell us horror stories about how their loved ones in Puerto Rico are suffering. Now, with the help of the community, we can make a difference. If I can help one family get back on their feet, I will be happy.” Eddi is no stranger to hurricane disaster. “As a Long Island resident and survivor of superstorm Sandy, I know first hand how difficult life can be without the necessities needed for normal everyday life.”

He watched in horror as the water came gushing through the foundation of his house, flooding the entire basement. “Almost everything was destroyed,” he says. “The streets turned into rivers, and debris was flying everywhere. From that moment on, I knew life was about to get very, very difficult.” Eddi went without power for 18 days. He waited on gas lines for hours and had no hot water, TV, or internet. However, he considered himself lucky. His house was still habitable while others were not so fortunate. In the end, the entire experience made him more appreciative of the little things in life. “Superstorm Sandy showed me what I was truly made of, dealing with a natural disaster. “ Eddi believes the people of Puerto Rico are highly resilient and resourceful, and will persevere through these horrific times. “Don’t worry Puerto Rico, AJ’s Jewelry hears you and help is on the way,” he says. Join us in helping a family that has lost everything, they are counting on us!

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