‘Inside Edition’ Spotlights Dr. James Pinckney’s Fake-Photoshoot Marriage Proposal to Supermodel Quiana Grant

February 6th, 2014


Inside Edition’s 4.4 million viewers will get the inside scoop today on the super elaborate, fake-photoshoot marriage proposal that Dr. James Pinckney staged for his supermodel girlfriend Quiana Grant.

Working the camera in a beautiful coral dress, the one-time Sports Illustrated model believed she was shooting a high-style fashion editorial for Neiman Marcus, but it was all a ruse that would allow the romantic doctor to crash the set and pop the question to his unsuspecting girlfriend.

(The Inside Edition segment was originally scheduled to run on Wednesday, but was pushed to today, according to a tweet from Pinckney. He noted the segment would air in the Dallas market on Friday.)

Pinckney, who is the founder of Diamond Physicians, a “luxury” healthcare provider in Dallas, masterminded a scheme that took weeks to plan and had all the markings of a real photoshoot: professional studio, photographer, lighting, makeup artist, hair stylist, computers, monitors, fashionable attire, jewelry accessories… and many technical assistants.

In a nine-minute video that documents the event, Grant is seen working through a series of poses for the photographer. Then, without warning, Pinckney (wearing his blue scrubs) walks right onto the set.

The stunned model seems happy to see her boyfriend, but looks confused as to why he is there. Pinckney apologizes to the crew for interrupting the shoot, and then turns to Grant to deliver his heartfelt proposal…

"I just wanted to tell you something. I want to tell you that you're the most amazing person I've ever met,” he says. “I love you with all my heart. Your compassion, your kindness to others, God truly sent me an angel.”

Grant jumps up and down and shrieks as Pinckney gets down on one knee and asks, “Quiana Nicole Grant, will you marry me?" Overwhelmed and unable to speak at first, Pinckney asks, “Is that a yes?” Finally, she nods in the affirmative.

Still unaware of the elaborate ruse, the supermodel screams out, “My makeup!” believing her tears will ruin the photoshoot.

As the doctor slips the engagement ring on Grant’s finger, she cries out, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God!”

Then the doctor lifts his fiancée off the ground in a romantic, spinning embrace.

Finally, Grant’s hubby-to-be lets the cat out of the bag. “All this is fake,” he reveals.

“What?” she responds, looking stunned.

“All this is fake. I set this up for you,” he says.

“No way,” she says. “I love you so much.”

As she settles down and acknowledges the well wishes of the fake crew, Grant takes a closer look at her new engagement ring. “It’s so pretty,” she says, showing it off for all to see.

Although we don’t have a close-up view of the ring, it seems to be a sizable round diamond in a halo setting with a delicate diamond band.

In an interesting twist, Grant reveals to Pinckney that the previous night she had a dream that he proposed.

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