Jay-Z Launches New Fragrance With Interactive Display That Turns NYC Window Gazers Into Liquid Gold


December 18th, 2013
Rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z launched his new fragrance, “Gold,” with a revolutionary interactive display that instantly — and amazingly — turns window gazers into undulating humanoid globules of precious metal.

Introduced at Macy’s flagship store in NYC, the same location made famous by the classic Christmas movie “A Miracle on 34th Street,” the “Liquid Gold” installation uses Microsoft Kinect and facial recognition technology to detect a window shopper that has stopped to view the display.

Once the system locks onto a subject, it renders that person’s silhouette and merges it into the fluid gold simulation. As the shopper moves, so does his rippling, gilded doppelgänger.

Herald Square shoppers lucky enough to be turned to gold were encouraged by the display’s signage to share “selfies” of the experience using the hashtag #JayZGold at Twitter.

Progressive ad agency KBS+ and interactive media company Future Colossal conceived “Liquid Gold” to create a buzz for Jay-Z’s new fragrance for men, which was introduced at the end of November. The “liquid gold” theme also pervades the product’s packaging, print advertising, social media and TV commercials.

Designed by Jay-Z, the fragrance comes in a pure white matte flask branded with the GOLD JAY Z logo in raised gold lettering. Encircling the flask’s gilded cap are the key words describing the essence of the new fragrance: “Power,” “Pride,” “Confidence,” “Strength,” “Success” and “Courage.”

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