Oregon Woman Is Literally Floored When Hubby Proposes With the Engagement Ring She Lost 15 Years Ago

A heartwarming YouTube video showing a middle-aged woman literally floored by the sight of her long-lost engagement ring is blowing up the Internet with more than 1.1 million video views and subsequent news coverage on Inside Edition, Huffington Post, AOL, The Daily Mail and more.


Portland, Ore., resident Kay Butler told Inside Edition that her engagement ring was the most precious thing she owned and that she was devastated when she misplaced it 15 years ago.

A few weeks ago, the ring turned up when Kay’s husband, Dave, was moving around some old CDs in a china cabinet. There, behind the CDs was a heart-shaped wooden box with the ring inside.

The couple’s daughter, Lacey, and her dad thought it would be a great idea if Dave surprised Kay with a marriage proposal on bended knee — just as he’d done more than 38 years ago when they were high school sweethearts.

Lacey told Inside Edition, "I looked at him and I said, 'Dad, you got to do this right.' He was like, 'I know, come up with something good.' I was like, 'You just got to propose again.'" Dave agreed.

Lacey shot an iPhone video of her dad waiting patiently on bended knee in the family’s workshop. He’s holding the ring behind his back while Kay is rummaging through the pantry. When she turns around, she gives her husband an odd look — as if to say, “Why are you kneeling?”

Dave then presents the ring and asks Kay if she will marry him. Recognizing her long-lost ring, Kay collapses into a heap on the floor, landing in a seated position. When she finally gathers herself, she pops up to her knees, stares at the ring and says to Dave, “No way. Where did you find that?”

Kay and Dave share a tender embrace and then the emotional bride excitedly tries on the ring she thought was gone forever. “And it fits!” she exclaimed as she slipped it on.

Lacey told Inside Edition that her mom likes to put her valuables in a “safe place,” but the safe place isn’t always in the same spot.

When the ring was lost 15 years ago, Kay said that she "tore the place apart" in an attempt to find it. She recruited her kids and her friends to assist, but they all came up empty.

Check out the Butler family's viral video below:

Screen captures: Inside Edition; YouTube

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