Sky-Diving Enthusiast Fumbles Ring During Marriage Proposal at 12,500 Feet… But All Is Not Lost

July 9th, 2014


Californians Brandon Strohbehn and Nicole Nepomuceno share a passion for skydiving, so when it came time for the Orange County firefighter to pop the question to his girlfriend of 18 months he knew it had to happen while free-falling from 12,500 feet.


The couple was just a few seconds into a tandem jump over San Diego on May 18 when Stohbehn pulled out a ring box — open so the engagement ring was in view — and told Nepomuceno how he loved her more than anything. But, then Stohbehn fumbled the box. A now-viral video of the proposal shows the shocked girlfriend’s reaction as the box plummets to earth.

What seemed to be a heart-wrenching catastrophe was actually a clever prank. The lost ring was a $9 prop and the actual ring was waiting for the couple, along with friends and family, when they landed. Now on solid ground, Strohbehn got down on one knee and continued the proposal, which Nepomuceno enthusiastically accepted.

The real engagement ring, which the bride-to-be displayed proudly on Facebook, features a round diamond solitaire and a diamond-encrusted band fabricated in white metal.

When asked about the airborne prank, Nepomuceno told, "Every single time I glanced at it, I was like, 'How is that strapped to him?' I was shocked to see it drop, and then he was ignoring me." That’s when she knew something was amiss.

"I couldn't stop smiling,” Strohbehn added. “I was like, that was so awesome. It went perfect."

On Facebook, Nepomuceno wrote, “Brandon Strohbehn, I love you more than everything. Your proposal was beyond perfection and everything about that day is an awesome portrayal of the weirdos that we are - Who proposes with a fake ring and drops it?!...”

She continued: “It's… definitely a day that will remain close to my heart as one of the best days of my life.”

Strohbehn and Nepomuceno, who have logged 224 jumps between them, are planning to marry in July 2015. Will they be taking their wedding vows at 12,500
feet? We wouldn’t bet against it.

Check out the viral video of the high-flying proposal below:

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