Smart Phone Meets Haute Couture: This 18-Karat Diamond-Encrusted Beauty Will Set You Back $250,000

A smart phone deserves to be elevated to the level of haute couture because it has become such a visible and essential part of our lives, according to the CEO of Geneva-based luxury brand Savelli.

In an interview with CNN, Alessandro Savelli argued that, since the smart phone is with us all the time, in our hands, our pockets, next to us when we sleep, and because we touch it 100 times a day, the device should be treated like fine jewelry.

"Everyone has one,” he told CNN. “So we thought, ‘Why not elevate it to the sphere of luxury? What if we make it a beautiful object?’”

And a beautifully impressive fashion statement it is, with the company employing the same techniques and materials used in jewelry production to make the phones.

Savelli’s latest smartphone model — the $250,000 Diamond Night — features an 18-karat gold casing emblazoned with 395 brilliant-cut white diamonds weighing 3.99 carats.

Diamond Insane showcases more than 70 baguette-cut diamonds set in 18-karat white gold. Savelli noted that the baguette diamonds had to be specially set to match the contour of Savelli’s signature curve called the “Line of Grace.” The price tag for the Insane model is 100,000 British pounds, or about $160,000.

The phones are powered by the Google Android operating system, feature an Ultra-Bombé “unscratchable” sapphire crystal screen and are adorned with exotic materials, such as ostrich, python and iguana leather.

The Diamond Night and Diamond Insane models have companions that feature either round or baguette emeralds. These models are appropriately called Emerald Night and Emerald Insane.

Emerald Night is trimmed in 18-karat rose gold and set with 400 brilliant-cut emeralds weighing about 3 carats.

Emerald Insane is encrusted with 75 baguette-cut emeralds weighing about 4.5 carats and interlaced with 900 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing nearly 12.5 carats.

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