Soon-to-Be Stepdad ‘Proposes’ to Fianceé’s Six-Year-Old Daughter With Dainty Version of Her Mom’s Ring


December 12th, 2013
Less than a week after popping the question to the love of his life, Shana Warner, Michigan native Jeff Andres was back on bended knee proposing for a second time — to Shana’s six-year-old daughter, Ally.

“Will you be my stepdaughter,” Andres asked, as Ally sat on Santa’s knee at the famous Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Mich.

Ally had just told the jolly Mr. Claus what she wanted for Christmas when her future stepdad swooped in and presented her with a dainty version of her mom’s engagement ring.

"I was crying the whole time," Warner told The Daily News. "[Ally] loves Jeff. She always had."

While mom was teary, young Ally wasn’t quite sure how to react. "She was so overwhelmed with feelings — and that she was given something so precious — she tried giving Jeff a dollar," Warner related. Then, finally, the redheaded cutie said, “Yes.”

Andres and Warner were officially engaged on December 1 after dating for two years. To establish a strong foundation for their new family it was important that Ally didn’t feel left out. They wanted her to feel extra special and Andres needed to earn her blessing.

“Mommy got a ring and mommy got proposed to so we just wanted her to feel very included in our family,” Warner told MailOnline.

Warner and her daughter have always looked forward to their annual trip to Bronner’s to pick out a new ornament for their Christmas tree and to see Santa. Warner and Andres knew that would be the perfect place for the special proposal.

When Warner asked her little girl to pose for a picture wearing her new ring, the adorable girl flashed a gap-toothed smile and punched her fist in the air like a Power Ranger.

Ally already has her assignment as a junior bridesmaid when Warner and Andres wed on the slopes of Crystal Mountain in Michigan on March 7, 2015. They plan on skiing down the aisle, reports MailOnline.
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