Super-Slim Ring Box With Pirouetting Display Called 'Genius' and a ‘Game Changer’ by The Huffington Post

Slowly open the super-slim “Clifton” ring box by Canadian packaging designer Andrew Zo and watch the engagement ring pirouette like a ballet dancer.



Just one centimeter thick and smaller than a wallet, the “Clifton” leather-bound box is cleverly designed with a special ring-shaped inset that protects the jewelry when the box is closed and an origami-inspired holder that twirls the ring a quarter turn when the box is opened.

A Huffington Post reviewer called the design “genius” and a headline writer noted that this fresh take on the traditional ring box was a “game changer.”

The bulbous shape of a traditional ring box has challenged men for generations. When planning to pop the question, there was no hiding the telltale ring-box bulge in their shirt or pants pocket.

Zo decided to solve the problem as a student of Emily Carr University, an art and design school in Vancouver, B.C. Not only was Zo able to come up with a way to make the box much thinner, but he was also able to translate his love of origami into an animated display.

While his student project earned accolades, the product was not commercially viable. Zo has worked for the past three years to refine the “Clifton” and prepare it for market.

Starting at $90, Zo’s ring box might seem pricey to some. He reasons, however, that for anyone spending $5,000, $10,000 or more on an engagement ring, the additional cost is negligible — and worth it.

The Vancouver-based Zo currently sells the “Clifton” on his website, but it seems as if all his recent publicity has compromised his site’s ability to process online orders. A “thank you” message at explains that the site is experiencing overwhelming demand and that online ordering capabilities will return in October.

For now, purchase inquiries should be directed to Zo at this email address:

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