This Bangle Bracelet Can Charge Your Smartphone

The latest entry into the burgeoning wearable tech market is a stylish bracelet that doubles as a back-up battery for your smartphone. Called the QBracelet, the unisex bangle can add a 60% power boost when you need it most. Wearable tech is expected to grow into a $10 billion industry by 2016.

Invented by New York-based Q Designs, the QBracelet is cleverly designed to unhinge in the middle, revealing an integrated Lightning adaptor on the iPhone version or a Micro USB on the Android/Windows phone version.

A brilliant combination of form and function, the $99 bracelet conceals a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is available in three wrist sizes and five finishes, including polished silver tone, matte silver tone, polished gold tone, brushed black and matte black.

When unhinged and plugged into the phone, the bracelet serves as a useful smartphone handle or charging stand. Surprisingly, it weighs less than two ounces.

From music streaming and social media posting to HD video editing and FaceTiming with friends, smartphone users are pushing the boundaries of what their phones can do — and the amount of power they consume.

The makers of the QBracelet understand that consumers’ most important consideration when choosing a smartphone is the battery life, a factor that trumped both “brand name” and “ease of use” in a recent survey by technology research company IDC. So, instead of having to carry around cables or a battery booster in a separate bag, the consumer can simply wear the battery backup on his or her wrist.

Once plugged in, the QBracelet can deliver a 60% charge in about 60 minutes, according to Q Designs. The bracelet itself can be fully charged in 90 minutes and the charge will hold for 30 days in standby mode. The battery level and charging state are shown using four LEDs, which are hidden above the connector in the bracelet.

QBracelets are scheduled to ship in December with a retail price of $99. Those who pre-order via the company's website at will earn a 20% discount.

Images: Q Designs

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