Toyota's Innovative 'Diamond Architecture' Draws Design Inspiration From Jeweler's Showcase

Toyota’s stunning new concept car — the C-HR compact SUV — reflects the company’s innovative "diamond architecture,” a styling theme that draws its inspiration right from the jeweler's showcase.


Set to make its world debut this Thursday at the Paris Motor Show, the C-HR concept car boasts a lower bodywork that Toyota designers have sculpted to look like the faceted surfaces of a precision-cut gemstone, according to Toyota.


From the side, the highly faceted lower body, aggressively angular rear shoulders and muscular wheel arches are contrasted with an exceptionally sleek cabin profile. At the rear, distinctive, aero-inspired “floating” lamp clusters add further emphasis to the vehicle’s angular broad-shouldered look.

The hybrid-powered prototype, shown in a brilliant purplish-blue hue, might be mistaken for a 14-foot tanzanite — if you use your imagination and squint your eyes just a bit.

We can’t wait to see Toyota’s color palette for the C-HR line. Will Toyota coordinate the car colors to align with popular gemstones, such as red rubies, green emeralds or, perhaps, black diamonds?

The company hinted that the “faceted” look of the C-HR represents the future design direction for all Toyota vehicles.

Car enthusiasts see the high-style, high-riding C-HR as Toyota’s answer to Nissan’s compact sporty utility vehicle — the Juke.

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