True Love Really Does Still Exist


I have had the pleasure of knowing John and Diana Rodriguez of Glendale, New York for seven years. I remember his first purchase in 2009 like it was yesterday. Through the years John and Dianna have become AJ regulars, having occasional shots with us during the holidays and on occasion dropping off Crispy Cream doughnuts for the staff. Truly remarkable people, we are happy to have them as clients and consider them friends. On August 2nd, 2016, I witnessed something truly amazing. Something you just do not see enough of anymore. Something that was sincerely heartfelt. True Love!

Today I saw a man not only replace a diamond engagement ring because one of the kids accidentally threw it away but, went above and beyond his wife’s expectations. Not because she demanded it, simply because he truly wanted to. When the Rodriguez’s first stopped in, we had no idea he was going to replace her lost ring and neither did Diana. In my opinion, it was a spontaneous decision! John explained to Diana after months of looking for her lost ring it was finally time to replace it. Hesitant at first, Diana picked out a replacement engagement ring that suited her taste. She was happy with the ring and the price. John on the other hand, had other plans. He wanted her to have something bigger and better than her first ring. At first Diana insisted that they stay within a reasonable budget and a ring that was comparable to what she previously had. John again insisted that he wanted her to have a bigger and better diamond. After a few more minutes of browsing our engagement ring selection, she zeroed in on another ring. This ring was much bigger and brighter than her first ring. When Diana asked for the price and we told her, she gasped. Not knowing what to do next John, just simply turned to us and said, “I’ll take it”. Diana was just as speechless as were we. The expression on Diana’s face was priceless. It was late in the day and the ring needed to be sized, so they decided to pick it up the next day. When they came in the next day to pick up the ring is when things got even more interesting. Being the true romantic that John is, he got down on one knee and professed his love once again.

After being married for only seven short years, John still knows how to make his wife blush. After watching this, it made me realize that true love still does exist. You do not have to be married for twenty five years or fifty years to be a true romantic, it comes in many different ways. We at AJ's Jewelry applaud you John Rodriguez. We wish you many more happy years together!

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