We love making custom jewelry!

My name is Jordan Eddi and I have been making custom jewelry for people since I was 16 years old. I am now approaching 47 and I am still making custom jewelry for the Ridgewood community and surrounding areas for the past 27 years. As a matter of fact I have been offering my services globally now for the past 8 years. People always seem to be fascinated when I explain to them the custom jewelry design process. I try to make it as easy as 1,2,3. Every piece of custom jewelry starts with an idea. Once your idea is drawn out on a piece of paper, we will do the rest.

After going over your design with you and getting all of the details, we can then start the digital design process or otherwise known as CAD/CAM, which stands for Computer Aided Design. This step allows the client to see their design on a monitor, tablet or smart device with all of the elements involved in the design. This gives the client the opportunity to tweak their design if something is not to their liking. Once the mechanical rendering is perfect, we can then produce a finished computer rendering of exactly what the jewelry will look like finished. This is an amazing tool for me and the customer to utilize. There will never be any unwanted surprises using this method of making custom jewelry. Once the mechanical is approved we can then start the next phase of the project, which is producing a wax prototype to cast. We use two methods to produce wax prototypes. First is milling for less complex designs. Our milling technology allows us to make designs that are 100 % to specification without loosing any detail. The second method we use is 3D printing. We use the 3D printing method for extremely detailed small pieces of jewelry. This method is also extremely accurate. Every line is perfect and every corner is smooth as silk. Once the wax is ready, we then proceed to cast your jewelry in your desired metal. We cast in 10kt, 14kt,18kt Gold, Platinum and Silver. Every piece of custom jewelry we produce comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufactures defects. All of our custom jewelry pieces are proudly stamped and trademarked by law. Please feel free to stop in or call us with any questions you may have about creating your next custom piece of jewelry.

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