Which Earrings Will Look Good on Me?

Which Earrings Will Look Good on Me?

Hello everyone, todays topic will be based around a question I am frequently asked: “Which earrings will look good on... me...” (...my girlfriend, ...wife, ...fiancé, ...boyfriend, ...sister, ...mother in law, ...my baby) ...you guys get the idea, right? Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. There are so many variables to consider when picking out the perfect pair of earrings for that special someone in your life. In this blog, we will touch base on a few factors that will help you decide on which earrings to purchase next.

One thing to consider when picking out a pair of earrings is hair length. Does the person have long hair or short hair, curly hair or wavy hair? Believe it or not, the style of one’s hair plays a big role on the size of the earring you will purchase. For example, if someone has very long hair, you may want to consider a bigger, bolder earring instead of a smaller stud earring or small to medium size hoop earring. Smaller earrings on people with long hair tend to get lost on the person wearing them. They are hard to see, even up close if your hair is covering the earring. Another great option for people with long hair is having a few pair of gorgeous drop or dangling earrings. 

When you purchase any of these two styles of earrings, they will stand out because of the length of the earrings. Many women like to wear long drop earrings because it accentuates the neck of a woman and men find that to be very sexy and attractive. It’s also a great way to get attention in a crowded room. The same scenario applies to women with short hair. People with short hair normally stay away from oversized J-Lo style hoop earrings and huge stud style earrings.

On occasion, I have seen women with short hair wearing oversized hoops and giant studs, but not on a regular basis. Some people love to stand out and make bold statements, which is wonderful, and the same applies to women with long hair. Sometimes women with long hair tell me they prefer little stud earrings instead of bigger, bolder earrings. For women who have beautiful curly or wavy hair, I often suggest a twisted style earring or a mid-size earring. Twisted earrings come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate everyone’s personal style. The bottom line is there really is no right or wrong answer to someone’s personal style.

Another variable for picking out the perfect size or style of earrings is the shape and size of a person’s face. People come in many different shapes and sizes and thankfully so do earrings. I will first touch base for people with small round faces. For the people who have small round faces, I usually suggest purchasing either diamond studs, small hoops or huggie style earrings. These styles are perfect for everyday use and do not have to be taken on and off to go to sleep. Although I never recommend people sleep with their earrings on, with these two styles of earrings you can. Very rarely will someone cause damage to their earrings from sleeping with them on because they are small and close to the ear. In the event you damage your earrings for any reason, we are here to help you repair them. Most earrings can be easily adjusted at home with just your finger tip or a pair of small needle nose pliers. People who have medium to large round faces I usually suggest, you guessed it, medium to large size earrings. People who have this type of face usually enjoy wearing larger, bolder earrings. This is not to say that small earrings will not look good on you, but the general rule of thumb is bigger, bolder earrings will suit you best.

Many women with this size face enjoy wearing diamond hoops, oval shaped hoops, drop and dangling earrings. Women with elongated faces also benefit from wearing long drop earrings. It makes the drop earrings really stand out and will attract attention to yourself.
Let’s briefly touch base on a topic not too many women want to talk about. The good ole “Slit” in the ear lobe. This usually occurs when women wear heavy earrings in their ears for long periods of time. This causes severe psychical damage to the ear lobe and is not pleasant to look at sometimes. 
You can go for cosmetic surgery to fix it, but most people are afraid or can not afford the procedure because insurance companies will not cover the procedure. In this case, I recommend one or two options. First you can use a clip-on earring. Clip on earrings are usually for people without pierced ears but because of the size of the clip-on backs and large bold designs they will cover the slits and stay on the ear lobe. 
My second option I offer people is the Omega Back earring. This style of earring is a wonderful option for women. The Omega Back earring is a pierced earring with a post that goes through the ear and has a horse shoe shaped gold wire in the back that securely stays closed on your ear. The Omega Back earring has been a life saver for thousands of women who suffer from having slits in their ears. Large button style earrings cover up those unwanted slits and manage to stay on your ears without flopping downward.

Let’s quickly discuss the infamous second hole. Most women like to wear either little studs or very small hoops for their second piercing. By using a smaller earring for a second hole that ensures that you can still see the main earring that is in your first hole and you are using the second hole to compliment the first earring. We offer a wide variety of small stud earrings and hoop earrings. You will never be disappointed with our selection of gold and silver earrings. Now that we have covered the adults, let’s touch base on baby, tween, and teen earrings. It first starts out with a simple hypo allergenic ear-piercing stud. We start piercing baby’s ears at three months of age, on occasion two months but we like to wait for three full months for two reasons. First, the baby’s ears are still developing in the first three months of life. We like the baby’s ears to be fully developed so there is enough ear lobe to pierce. This also insures a nice and even dead center piercing. No one wants to walk around with lopsided earrings in their ears. The second reason we like to wait three months to pierce ears is because the baby needs to receive all its immunizations. In the rare event a baby gets an infection as a result of the piercing, the baby will have no means to fight off the infection if she did not receive all the proper shots. We offer our clients gold and surgical steel studs to pierce with. The studs normally stay in for a two to three-week period to allow the hole to stay open and unencumbered. People who pierce their ears for the first time should either use rubbing alcohol or peroxide to keep the hole open and uninfected. We are proud to say that we literally have pierced thousands of baby’s ears in the last 30 years in the Ridgewood community and surrounding area. You do not need to make an appointment for a piercing.
Ear piercing starts at $20 and up which includes the piercing studs.
Baby piercings start at $40 & up and does include the earrings. After the two to three-week healing process is complete, you are now ready to purchase your child’s first pair of earrings. Parents are always asking us for advice on what kind of earring should they purchase first. For me the answer is simple, screw backs! Why you may ask? Again, the answer is simple. The baby will usually not be psychically able to unscrew the backs on their own, which makes it the perfect first choice. If you see your baby does not constantly touch their ears or play with the earrings, then you can purchase small hoop earrings or other various styles of earrings. Normally we suggest waiting to see how the baby reacts to the new earrings for a few months before switching to a different style earring. The same rules apply to young kids and teens. Some kids and teens are very fidgety or super active. For this reason, again, I would often recommend screw back earrings or small hoop earrings. Most kids have no choice but to take their earrings off while playing sports in school or organized sports. Hoop earrings are easy to take in and out where screw back earrings take a lot more patience to take on and off. Most teens we encounter are happy with what ever their parents pick out for them, or they pick them out for themselves while shopping with their parents at AJ’s.
Finally, the men’s earrings. Men have been wearing earrings for decades but in the last fifteen to twenty years we have seen an explosion of men wearing all sorts of earrings. From ear gauges, nose rings, hoops and diamond studs, men wear it all. I bet you are wondering what the most popular style of earrings men prefers? Well, the answer is easy: Diamond studs are the most popular. Men, like women, want to treat themselves to something special every now and then so why not a pair of sparkly diamond studs. After all, women do like a sharp dressed man, don’t you ladies? Most men, like myself are either careless to lazy or busy to take their jewelry off at night. Therefore, we always recommend using a screw back style earring. It prevents damage and loss. Small hoops are great to keep in your ears every day because it keeps your holes open and easy to switch them out, so you can wear other styles. Hoop earrings like diamond studs come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. At AJ’s Jewelry, we always have a large assortment of men’s earrings to choose from. We will help you pick out the perfect pair for yourself or your man.
We are experts at helping people choose the perfect earrings. We have over thirty years of experience helping people make the right choice. When you shop with us you will be able look around the showroom in a relaxed, pressure free environment. No pushy sales tactics. Just a lot of straight answers and good advice. All our earrings come in yellow, white, rose and two-tone gold colors. At AJ's Jewelry, we always have hundreds of today’s modern styles to choose from. Our jewelry is guaranteed 14kt gold and comes with a money back guarantee. Read our story on how we got started, or stop in and see why AJ’s has been in business for 30 years! We look forward to greeting you.
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