‘World’s Most Expensive Suit’ Is Trimmed With 880 Black Diamonds and Accessorized With a 24K Silk Tie; And, Yes, It’s Bulletproof

March 20th, 2014

We know what's at the top of James Bond’s holiday wish list this year. It's the Diamond Armor by Suitart, a custom-tailored bulletproof suit trimmed with 880 black diamonds totaling 140 carats and accessorized with a 24-karat golden silk tie.

Billed as the “most expensive custom-tailored suit in the world,” the $3.2 million Diamond Armor delivers a great look and ballistic protection.

The Zurich-based Suitart spared no expense in assembling a Diamond Armor package that crosses into the worlds of fine jewelry, collectible watches, high fashion, personal protection, nano-technology, cooling systems and fine art.

Here are some highlights of the Diamond Armor suit:

•Black diamonds add an element of sophistication and understated bling, with 600 4mm diamonds gracing the lapels and contours of the suit, and an additional 280 black diamonds framing the buttons.

•The necktie accessory by Weisbrod is woven from strands of silk mixed with 24-karat gold. The maker claims that the gold thread is the first permanently golden fabric in the world. The gold will adhere to the tie even when bent, folded or washed.

• The bulletproof suit is made from Croshield fabric and has a “Level II” protection classification, which means it is capable of shielding the wearer from bullets fired by a .57 magnum.

• For the ultimate in comfort, the suit has a built-in cooling system. The integrated technology can be activated at the push of a button and offers temperature control through the humidification of water.

• The suit’s outer layer uses high-end nano-technology to render it waterproof and dirt resistant.

•The suit’s silk lining is printed with a painting called “Unidad Molecular Aleatoria” by the famous Costa Rican artist, Luciano Goizueta.

•The suit comes with a Carl F. Bucherer "Patravi Traveltec FourX Limited Edition” watch. It’s made from rose gold, ceramic, titanium and rubber, shows three time zones and has a 42-hour power reserve. Only 125 of these state-of-the-art watches exist.

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