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Getting your jewelry or watch repaired could be a daunting task. Especially if you do not have a jeweler you can trust. Luckily for you that problem has now become a thing of the past. We have been servicing the community for the past 30 years. Our clients have become a custom to having their jewelry repaired in a timely fashion and in most cases right in front of them. Your jewelry never leaves our shop. Our master jeweler has over 38 years of jewelry repair experience. Our jeweler is proficient in all aspects of jewelry repair, customization, and restoration. We can remount your diamonds, re-tip your prongs, refinish your jewelry, and solder your broken jewelry while you wait. At AJ’s Jewelry our main objective is to make you, the customer feel comfortable and at ease.


Do you need a new battery or watch band? We can help with that as well. All battery installs are usually done the same day while you wait the same goes for replacement watch bands. If your watch requires work that can not be performed in our shop we can get you a estimate on how much the repair will cost. All watches are insured while in transit and when in the care of our watch maker. All watch repairs come with a 6 month warranty. We look forward to earning your confidence and trust!


Jewelry Repair Services We Provide

Our master jeweler is proficient in repairing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, Due to the fact all repairs are done on premises, we have a turn around time of as little as a few minutes on simple jobs such as, repairing a broken chain, bracelet, or pair of earrings.



Bracelet Repairs

We do repairs on bracelets from large brands such as Swarovski, Pandora and much more. We also work on different metals such as sterling silver bracelets, 10kt. gold bracelets, 14kt. bracelets, 18kt. bracelets, Platinum bracelets, stainless steel bracelets, and base metal bracelets. Read more about the different types of bracelet repairs we offer at AJ's here.



Ring Repairs

 We offer a variety of services for rings such as ring engravings, ring cleaning, ring sizing, ring straightening, restoration, re-tipping prongs, polishing & rhodium plating and stone replacement & setting. We work on all materials such as 10Kt. gold rings, 14Kt. gold rings, 18Kt. gold rings, Platinum rings, and Sterling Silver rings. You can read more about the repairs we do right here in Ridgewood.



Necklace/ Chain Repairs

Our most popular service is repairing broken chains, we offer additional services such as lock replacements, extending, shortening. soldering, and restringing. You can read more about necklace and chain repairs we do here at AJ's here.



Earring Repairs

We've got you covered for all your earring repair needs. We stock earring backs of all sizes, including screw backs. We repair broken hoop hinges, tighten rabbit ears, reattach earring posts, converting regular posts to screw backs, and refinishing. We work on all materials and brands, read more about our earring repair services here or stop into AJ's for a free estimate. 



Polishing Services

AJ's Jewelry Polishing Service Icon

Here at Aj's Jewelry, we have the capability to polish your jewelry in front of you while you wait. Restore that beautiful metallic luster your jewelry had when you first saw it at the store. We specialize in ring polishing, bracelet polishing, chain polishing and earring polishing. We can polish sterling silver, gold, platinum, stainless steel and some base metals.



Engraving Services

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Our Master Jeweler is extremely talented in hand engraving gold, silver, platinum, brass, and steel. We also have the tools to do inside and outside ring engravings, bracelet engravings, watch engravings, if it's metal, we'll engrave it.



Watch Repair Services

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Our master watch maker has over 25 year experience in repairing watches from a plethora of brands such as Michael Kors, Gucci, Citizen, Bulova, Movado, Tag Heuer, Omega, Rado, Rolex, Cartier, and many more. We offer watch repairs such as changing watch batteries, changing watch straps and watch band sizing while you wait on most days. Call our store to make sure the watch repair man is in the day you would like to visit. (718) 395-5857.



Ring Sizing Services

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For over 38 years, our master jeweler has sized thousands upon thousands of rings, constantly perfecting his art. When working on either gold, silver, or platinum, he can size rings with NO VISIBLE signs it was ever touched. No visible lines on the bottom of your rings as you may have experienced in other shops. Rings can be sized while you wait and you can watch our jeweler work in his glass enclosed shop. We have nothing to hide.



Pearl Restringing Service

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Sometimes accidents happen. One minute you’re dancing the night away and all of a sudden you feel the pearls rolling down your back and you see the pearls rolling across the dance floor. That's when you realize your pearl necklace has snapped and now you're scrambling to collect all the loose pearls. Not to worry, At AJ's Jewelry we offer a restringing service. From single to double knotted restringing. We can replace your pearl clasp as well. Stop in for a free estimate. We are here to help!



Jewelry Spa Treatment

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One of the countless benefits of shopping at AJ's jewelry is the support you get in maintaining the integrity and beauty of your jewelry. Every piece of jewelry that finds a happy home is a representation of us. That's why we offer a FREE jewelry spa treatment on all jewelry purchased in-store or online. We'll first examine your jewelry to check for any loose or missing stones. Next, we place your jewelry in our ultra - sonic machine for a long-extended period of time. This allows all loose particles to be removed before we get ready to blast it with steam using our industrial strength steam machine. Now your jewelry is nice and shiny again!